Private Treaty


For those clients wishing to avoid the inevitable public gaze that an auction attracts, we would recommend using our discreet private treaty sale service.


We frequently take instructions from clients wishing to sell their medals using this medium, which is particularly well-suited to those clients who have individual medals or groups of high value that they wish to sell without any of the usual publicity. This way of selling is often the choice of living recipients of medals and their families and in such circumstances we can arrange as part of the transaction for a copy set of medals to be provided, which can be worn by the recipient or family member when required.

Coins, Banknotes, Tokens & Commemorative Medals

We are often asked to sell high value coins by discreet private treaty sale and would welcome further enquiries from clients in relation to this service.

How It Works

The process involved for private treaty sales is usually a relatively straightforward and surprisingly speedy one from the sellers point of view. Simply contact our team of specialists either by using the following link or phoning our office. One of our experts will then appraise your items and advise you of their current market value.

You can be confident that all private treaty transactions are handled by us with a level of discretion and tact honed over many years of dealing in this often delicate and exacting area of negotiation.