Our Staff

John Burridge, MG

Regional Representative (Australia)

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7016 1700, Email: johnburridge@dnw.co.uk

John Burridge, MG

John Burridge MG has been dealing in Military Antiques ever since returning from the Vietnam War in 1970 and has long been considered one of Australia's leading dealers and experts in Australian military history and collectables. He also acts as an advisor to various Military institutions and museums.

John has been joined in the business by his son David who has also served overseas in Iraq and East Timor during his time with the Royal Australian Regiment.

John Burridge Military Antiques is Australia’s oldest established military antiques firm in Australia and has been DNW's Australasian representative ever since DNW was originally founded in 1991.

In October 2015 John was featured on Channel 9 News in Perth, Australia - click here to watch the video