Archived Lot

Date of Auction: 25th June 2008

Sold for £720

Estimate: £250 - £300

New Zealand 1845-66, reverse undated (E. Mawbey, Sh. Corpl., H.M.S. Curacoa) officially impressed naming in large letters as for naval Q.S.As, very fine £250-300


Ex Douglas-Morris Collection, DNW February 1997.

Edward Mawbey's medal was issued on 14 June 1904. 187 medals were issued to H.M.S. Curacoa (24 to R.N. officers, 123 to R.N. ratings, 1 to a R.M. officer, and 39 to R.M. N.C.Os. and men) of which 70 are known, including only one with reverse dated 1863-1866, 3 with reverses undated, and the balance with reverses dated 1863-64. Edward Mawbey's medal is therefore one of only 3 known with an undated reverse to H.M.S. Curacoa.

Edward Mawbey was born at Rugby, Warwickshire, on 27 January 1832, enlisted in the Royal Marines circa 1859, and served as a Private aboard H.M.S. Hero, 1860-62. He then decided to be a rating in the Royal Navy, joining H.M.S. Curacoa as an Ordinary Seaman on 27 March 1863. He was gaoled in Sydney for three weeks ending 8 December 1865, and was advanced immediately on return to Ship's Corporal 2nd Class, rising to 1st Class in May 1866. He was discharged to shore, never having been a C.S. man, on 20 February 1867.