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Date of Auction: 17th May 2016

Sold for £650

Estimate: £280 - £320

Pair: Second Lieutenant J. E. Aird, Surma Valley Light Horse

Indian Volunteer Forces Officers’ Decoration, G.V.R., reverse inscribed, ‘2nd Lieut. J. E. Aird, S.V. Lt. Horse’, complete with brooch bar; Volunteer Force Long Service (India), E.VII.R. (2d Lieut., Surma Valley Lt. Horse) mounted for wear, extremely fine (2) £280-320


James Erskine Aird was born in Moffat, Dumfries in 1867. A Tea Planter and Manager of the Deundi Estate, Sylhet. Died in Belmont, Surrey in 1928. With copied research, including extracts from Recollections of a Tea Planter, by W. M. Fraser, in which Aird is several times mentioned.