Archived Lot

Date of Auction: 1st December 2020

Sold for £7,500

Estimate: £4,000 - £5,000

Charles II (1660-1685), First issue, Shilling, mm. crown on obv. only, no mark of value, no stop above shield, 6.00g/12h (ESC 272 [1010]; S 3308). Very slightly double-struck, otherwise extremely fine and virtually as made, attractive grey tone over proof-like fields with underlying bloom, an exceptional specimen, very rare £4,000-£5,000


Provenance: K.R. Readhead Collection [from Spink]; G.S. Hopkins Collection, Baldwin Auction 30, 7-8 May 2002, lot 298 [from Baldwin].

With Spink ticket (£17/10/-), “a coin marvellous for condition”. Superior to the example sold in these rooms, 21 March 2016, lot 668 (£5,000)