The John Goddard Collection of Important Naval Med... (24 November 2015) - Auction Report

Gross Total £1,299,190 (£1,559,028 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots 115
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.50 and €1.41

Principal Lots
Lot no.

1 The earliest-dated Naval Small Gold Medal, to Vice-Admiral Sir William Parker, RN, 1794, ex Needes, £75,000 (£90,000)
9 Naval GS medal with Santa Margaritta 8 June 1796 clasp to Admiral Joseph Bullen, RN, £70,000 (£84,000)
11 Naval GS medal with 3 clasps to AB Samuel Blackmore, RN, ex Land, £65,000 (£78,000)
5 Naval GS medal with 6 clasps to Yeoman of the Powder Room Richard Levertine, RN, £50,000 (£60,000)
12 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps to Capt Thomas Warrand, RN, ex Whitaker, £46,000 (£55,200)
13 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps to Sir Benjamin Fonseca Outram, CB, Inspector of Naval Hospitals and Fleets, ex Lloyd, £42,000 (£50,400)
27 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps to Cdr Paul Panton, RN, £40,000 (£48,000)
40 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps and Royal Humane Society large silver medal to Rear-Admiral John Adams, RN, £38,000 (£45,600)
52 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps to Cdr Henry Etough, RN, ex Tombs and Phillips, £38,000 (£45,600)
10 Naval GS medal with 2 clasps and Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword, to Rear-Admiral David Scott, RN, £34,000 (£40,800)
38 Naval GS medal with 4 clasps to Lt-Col Ambrose Wolrige, RMA, £30,000 (£36,000)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions
38 The Royal Marines Museum has a 2-clasp medal to Lt John Bezant, in Thunder at Basque Roads, also named 'Lieut. R.M.A.'
96 The four bound issues are dated April 1879, October 1888, July 1897 and July 1906. The two paperback lists are dated January 1959 and Autumn 1968

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction: