Important Ancient Coins (14 March 2007)

Date of Auction: 14th March 2007

Sold for £2,300

Estimate: £1,500 - £2,000

Romanus II (959-963), Solidus, c. 959 [continuing the last type of Constantine VII], facing bust of Christ, raising hand in blessing and holding Gospels, nimbus with three pellets in arms of cross, +ihs xp rex regnantinm, rev. illegible re-cut legend, crowned facing busts of Constantine, with short beard, and Romanus, beardless, holding patriarchal cross between them, 4.38g/6h (Füeg pl.4, B4; DOC – [cf. DOC Constantine VII 15]; Sear –). Extremely fine and very rare (£1,500-2,000)


Illustrated on the back cover. This issue has been placed by Füeg to the early days of the sole reign of Romanus II, who succeded his father after a reign of 46 years. The coin employs re-used solidus dies of Constantine VII but with the reverse legend obliterated by re-engraving