British and World Coins, Numismatic Books (20 June 2007)

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Date of Auction: 20th June 2007

Sold for £120

Estimate: £90 - £120

Pennies (4), class IIa, Ion, ioh oh s’edmvhd, dies Aa, 1.07g/9h (Eaglen 255, B573, this coin; N 985/2; S 1361); class IIIa, Ion, ioh oh s’edmvhd, dies Aa, 1.21g/3h (Eaglen 256, B349, this coin; N 986/1; S 1362); class IIIab1 (2), both Ion, ion on seihted, dies Aa, 1.23g/7h, ion on s’edmvnd, dies Bb, 1.41g/2h (Eaglen 261, B489; 262, B242, these coins; N 986/1; S 1362) [4]. Fine to very fine, but reverse of second off-centre and last double-struck (£90-120)


First bt Baldwin May 1986
Second F. Elmore Jones Collection, Part II, Glendining Auction, 10 April 1984, lot 1538 (part)
Third bt Baldwin April 1986
Fourth Glendining Auction, 15 April 1971, lot 362 (part)