British and World Coins, Numismatic Books (20 June 2007)

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Date of Auction: 20th June 2007

Sold for £60

Estimate: £40 - £50

Pennies (3), class Vc(x), Randulf, randvlf : on s’ed, rs with upturned tails, dies Aa, 1.45g/6h (Eaglen 321, B175, this coin; N 993; S 1369); class Vg, Renaud, renavd on sedm, dies Bb, 1.38g/8h (Eaglen 326, B586, this coin; N 997; S 1373); class VI, Ion, ioh on seihted, dies Aa, 1.50g/12h (Eaglen 349, B026, this coin; N 1001; S 1377) [3]. First double-struck, otherwise fine (£40-50)


First Lord Grantley Collection, lot unspecified, bt Baldwin January 1982
Second bt Baldwin April 1986
Third bt Oxford Coin Centre January 1977