Ancient Coins (27 September 2007)

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Date of Auction: 27th September 2007

Sold for £550

Estimate: £700 - £800

GREEK COINS, GREEK COINS, Armorica (?), pale gold Quarter-Stater, late 2nd-1st century BC, head right with swept back hair, rev. horizontal line, four-spoked wheel below, branch-like design above, 1.73g/2h (cf. Delestrée-Tache series 368; cf. DT 2348; cf. LT 6916; cf. Depeyrot, Le numéraire celtique VIII, 238). Very fine, obverse struck from rusty die; apparently unpublished, UNIQUE (£700-800)


Found near Yarmouth (I.o.W) October 1999.

Analysed for metal content by Peter Northover as Au 53.7%; Ar 8.5%; Cu 33.7%; Zn 3.9%