Ancient Coins (27 September 2007)

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Date of Auction: 27th September 2007

Sold for £480

Estimate: £600 - £700

GREEK COINS, Greek Coins, Salacia-Kentouibon, As, 1st century BC, candnil siscra f, laureate and bearded head left, rev. legend divided by two tuna fish right, 13.53g/5h (CNH 134, 5; SNG BMC 496; AB –; MANM 1492; Faria III, 1a). Very fine, glossy dark green patina, very rare (£600-700)


The reverse legend had been identified by the Marques de Faria as ketouibon, in ‘A numária de CANTNIPO’, Conimbriga, 1989, pp.71-89, corresponding to Salacia Urbs Imperatoroa, modern Alcácer do Sal in Portugal