Arms, Armour and Militaria (28 November 2007)

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Date of Auction: 28th November 2007

Sold for £350

Estimate: £300 - £350

Shipping Foreign Naval & Colonial Postal, two cards of interesting examples; large gilt shipping include Donaldson Line, Straits Steam Ship Co. Ltd,. MSSC, Royal Steam Packet Company (QVC arms), Thomson Line, Aberdeen Line, Tyser Line, Coryphene, Lonsdale (both with anchor centres); Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners, Belfast Harbour, Medway Conservancy, Mersey Pilot Boat Service, Liverpool SHS (anchor centre), Sailors Home (anchor centre), Marine Board South Australia (QVC), Clarence Pier Southsea, Royal Cork Yacht Club (mess livery), Royal Ulster YC (QVC), Royal Bombay YC; Post Offices all QVC include Penang, Victoria, Hyderabad, Canada, NTPO (Northern Territories), Post Office Department of Canada, very good condition, some uncleaned (260) £300-350