British and World Coins including Important Irish Coins from a Private Collection (Part I) (19 June 2008)

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Date of Auction: 19th June 2008


Estimate: £1,800 - £2,200

Phase I, Penny, in imitation of the Long Cross type of Æthelred II, [sih]trc re+dyfln, bust left, rev. byrh[tio]d mo rini, 1.41g/12h (cf. SCBI BM 40 rev.; BEH 3267-8; S 6107; DF 6). The coin appears to have flipped over in the dies, with a vague impression of the obverse visible on the reverse, otherwise very fine, very rare (£1,800-2,200)


The combination of an obverse in the name of Sihtric and a reverse of ‘Winchester’ is not represented in the BM Sylloge