Ancient Coins (9 April 2008)

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Date of Auction: 9th April 2008


Estimate: £1,200 - £1,500

Philistia, Uncertain issuing authority, Obol, 5th-4th century, male head right with oriental hairstyle, rev. lion protome right and lion’s hind part left, creating the illusion of a fully depicted animal, all within incuse square, 0.65g/3 or 6h (Gitler-Tal, XIX.20.Oa). Very fine and extremely rare, only three examples believed known (£1,200-1,500)


Turned 90o counter clockwise, the main motif on the reverse appears to be the head of a bearded and helmeted male; the helmet is formed by the hind part of the lion’s body, the man’s ear is formed by the paw of the lion while the neck forms the forepart of the lion