Historical and Art Medals, Numismatic Books (1 July 2008)

Date of Auction: 1st July 2008


Estimate: £600 - £800

France, Hélène et Eros, c. 1912, a silver plaque by R. Grégoire, standing figure of Helen in diaphanous elaborately decorated dress, her breasts exposed, gazing at naked man prostrate on his front among skulls and other human remains, antique monuments and buildings of Troy in background, rev. naked Eros standing on pedestal amidst a decorative landscape, harbour in background, 90 x 59mm, edge stamped 19 (cf. PBE 470; cf. Classens 42; BDM VII, 394; cf. DNW 41, 818 and 820). Extremely fine and very rare (£600-800)


Illustrated on the back cover