Orders, Decorations and Medals (8 February 2010)

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Date of Auction: 8th February 2010

Sold for £85

Estimate: £70 - £90

Pair: African Station Sergeant C. Mapfumo, British South Africa Police

War Medal 1939-45; Colonial Police Forces L.S. & G.C., G.VI.R., 2nd issue (9102 African Sgt. Cl. 2 Mapfumo, B.S.A. Police), contact marks, generally very fine (2) £70-90


Chiguvare Mapfumo enlisted in the British South Africa Police in April 1931 and served throughout his career in the Midlands Province, namely at Belingwe, Umvuma, Selukwe and Gwelo. He was awarded the Colonial Police Forces L.S. & G.C. in September 1949, advanced to Station Sergeant in March 1955, and retired in the following year; sold with research including copied retirement article, this latter commenting on the extensive injuries he received in a motor cycle accident while on duty at Selukwe in May 1953.