Orders, Decorations and Medals (8 February 2010)

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Date of Auction: 8th February 2010

Sold for £60

Estimate: £60 - £80

Royal Humane Society, bronze Second Award clasp (Jan. 1895) very fine £60-80


Ex Fevyer Collection, D.N.W. 25 September 2008.

Note: clasp only, this unnamed, no medal.

Clasp awarded to Waterman Stephen Renforth. ‘At great personal risk, rescued P. Burke from drowning in the Tyne, at Gateshead on the 26th January 1895’ (Ref. R.H.S. Case No. 27,537). He had earlier been awarded the Royal Humane Society Medal in bronze for effecting a rescue at Gateshead on 5 August 1890 (Ref. R.H.S. Case No. 25,070).

Renforth was the recipient of a number of lifesaving awards: his Gateshead Life Saving Award, sold D.N.W. 4 July 2001; his Tynemouth Extension Medal and three others, sold in the Jack Boddington Collection, D.N.W. 6 December 2006, and his R.H.S. Medal with two clasps, sold D.N.W. 21 September 2007.