Ancient, Celtic, British, Irish and World Coins, Tokens, and Historical Medals (17 November 1999)

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Date of Auction: 17th November 1999

Sold for £50

Estimate: £30 - £40

M. Calidius, Q. Metellus and Cn. Fulvius, Denarius, 117-116 BC, helmeted head of Roma right, roma behind, star below chin, rev. Victory in galloping biga (S 224); L. Scribonius Libo, Denarius, 62 BC, head of Bonus Eventus right, libo behind bon event before, rev. the Puteal Scribonianum (well head) ornamented with two lyres, garland and hammer, putael above, scribon in exergue (S 297) [2].Good fine (£30-40)