British, Italian and World Coins, Commemorative Medals, Numismatic Books (16 & 17 June 2010)

Date of Auction: 16th & 17th June 2010

Sold for £110

Estimate: £50 - £70

Egypt, XIVe Congrès International de Navigation, Cairo, 1926, an oval bronze medal by Fonson, monument, rev. boating scene with palm trees, 65 x 41mm (Holland p.52; cf. BDW 5, 125); Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes, 1952, Ferdinand de Lesseps, a bronze medal by R. Betannier, 59mm (cf. DNW M4, 472); Diversion of the River Nile, 1964, a plated medal, unsigned, for the National Bank of Egypt, 60mm [3]. Very fine and better; last two in box and case of issue £50-70