English, Scottish and World Coins, Medals and Banknotes (15 November 2010)

Date of Auction: 15th November 2010

Sold for £45

Estimate: £40 - £50

ORIENTAL GREEK CONAGE, Sasanian Kings, Kavad I, 2nd reign (AD 499-531), Drachm, Dywan, crowned bust right, rev. fire altar with attendants, 4.18g/3h (SNS 3/2, pl. 125, 140). Khusru II, 2nd reign (AD 591-628), Drachm, Jay, year 38, crowned bust right, rev. fir altar with attendants, 3.41g/3h (SWR p. 157), India, The Kiderites in Punjab, Uncertain rulers, Æ unit, Kota, late 5th century AD, 3.64g/2h (Mitchiner, ACW, 3674-3676) [3]. Good very fine, very fine and fine