18th Century British Trade Tokens (5 October 2011)

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Date of Auction: 5th October 2011

Sold for £1,450

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,500

Elmsthorpe, Richard Fowke, Kempson’s Trial Halfpenny, 1800, in white metal, ruins of church, rev. wheatsheaf, plough and harrow, exergue without legend, edge plain, 11.41g/12h (DH 1). Surface marks in reverse field, otherwise about extremely fine and of the highest rarity; the first specimen to appear in a public auction since 1944 £1,000-1,500


Provenance: Bt J.A. Bobbe March 2007.

3 struck. One specimen is in the British Museum; a ‘very fine’ example was in the Davis and Hamer collections and may be the same unprovenanced coin in the Waite-Sanderson collection