Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (5 July 2011)

Date of Auction: 5th July 2011

Sold for £2,500

Estimate: £2,500 - £3,000

Three: Sergeant M. R. Atkins, Royal Anglian Regiment, formerly Gordon Highlanders, who was mentioned in despatches for gallant services in Northern Ireland when he arrested four suspected terrorists at a Border Crossing Point in June 1991

General Service 1962, 2 clasps, Northern Ireland, Air Operations Iraq, with M.I.D. oak leaf (24428535 Pte., Gordons); Jubilee 2002; Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (24428535 Sgt., R. Anglian) mounted court style as worn, nearly extremely fine (3) £2500-3000


M.I.D. London Gazette 27 October 1992 (Sergeant, Royal Anglian Regiment).

Sold together with a quantity of copied documentation, including M.I.D. certificate, letters of congratulation, Certificate of Service, assessment reports, copied photographs and a copy of the original recommendation for the M.I.D. which states:

‘Sergeant Atkins has now completed one residential and five emergency tours in Northern Ireland. This most recent six month tour has been spent in East Tyrone and Fermanagh where he has been a Platoon Sergeant and a Multiple Commander.

Throughout this tour Sergeant Atkins’ motivation and enthusiasm have been outstanding. He has consistently shown imagination and originality in meeting the wide variety of tasks given to him. Sergeant Atkins quickly grasped the importance of the need for good intelligence, and the quite excellent standard of his patrol reports reflects the success he has had in gathering local intelligence. Although there have been many occasions which demonstrate Sergeant Atkins’ abilities, one in particular stands out.

In June 1991 Sergeant Atkins’ multiple was in overwatch of Border Crossing Point (BCP) 106 prior to a closure operation. For three days the multiple remained undetected and was able to provide essential overwatch on this sensitive area of the border. On 22 June 1991 the multiple was compromised and forced to withdraw temporarily.

Shortly after withdrawing, Sergeant Atkins identified 4 PIRA traced suspects trying to close the BCP with a tractor. He and 5 others moved forward crawling for over 100 metres across open ground and were able to get within a few metres of the vehicle undetected. The shock of seeing the soldiers so close, combined with the speed of the charge of Sergeant Atkins team, delayed the suspects long enough to allow the first 2 arrests. Seeing one of the other suspects trying to drive the tractor across the border, Sergeant Atkins leapt at the moving vehicle, pulled the driver off and steered it into a safe haven where it was later retrieved. The other member of the group escaped but was arrested soon afterwards in a follow up by Sergeant Atkins.

This episode epitomises Sergeant Atkins’ leadership, professionalism and quickness of mind which have been his hallmark throughout the tour. He has maintained the highest standards over the last six months and his conduct and performance have been a considerable influence on others within the Company, particularly the young officer platoon commanders. Sergeant Atkins fully deserves official recognition for his outstanding performance.’