Ancient, Celtic, British and World Coins, Historical and Art Medals (31 May 2000)

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Date of Auction: 31st May 2000

Sold for £50

Estimate: £50 - £80

M. Junius Silanus (145 BC), Denarius, rev. Dioscuri, 3.88gm (Cr. 220/1; Sear 195); M. Sergius Silus (116-15 BC), Denarius, rev. horseman with severed Gallic head, 3.77gm (Cr, 286/1; Sear 224); Mark Antony, Legionary Denarius, 3.33gm (Cr. 544; cf. Sear 414) [3]. First fine, second good fine and toned, last fair (£50-80)