The Collection of Medals Formed by Bill and Angela Strong (18 May 2011)

Date of Auction: 18th May 2011

Sold for £980

Estimate: £600 - £800

The unique bronze Crimea Medal officially named to the Captain’s Dog, H.M.S. Leopard

Crimea 1854-56, bronze disk only (The Captain’s Dog, H.M.S. Leopard) officially impressed naming, nearly very fine £600-800


Ex Christies, 18 November 1986.

Sadly Admiralty documents do not exist that could verify the presence of canine members of crew aboard H.M. Ships. However, it is possibly significant that Captain George Giffard, C.B., R.N., a distinguished Naval officer and sometime Captain of H.M.S.
Leopard, in 1847, married the daughter of one Robert Mushet Esq. - an official of the Royal Mint.

‘On February 20-24th [1855], the Leopard, 18, paddle, Captain George Giffard, and boats, defeated a body of Russian troops at Anapa, captured some guns and stores, and destroyed some buildings. ....’ (Ref. The Royal Navy, by William Laird Clowes). With some copied research.