Ancient Coins and Numismatic Books (22 June 2011)

Date of Auction: 22nd June 2011

Sold for £140

Estimate: £90 - £120

Jenkins, G.K., and Lewis, R.B., Carthaginian Gold and Electrum Coins, RNS SP 2, London, 1963, 140pp, 38 plates, dj; Troxell, Heidi, SNG…ANS, Part 3, Bruttium-Sicily I: Abacænum-Eryx, New York, 1975, 38 plates and accompanying text; Bedoukian, P.Z., Coinage of the Artaxiads of Armenia, RNS SP 10, London, 1978, x + 81pp, 8 plates, title page with dedication by the author, 1979; Howgego, C., Greek Imperial Countermarks, RNS SP 17, London, 1985, xi + 317pp, 36 maps, 33 plates; Macdonald, D., The Coinage of Aphrodisias, RNS SP 23, London, 1992, xi + 169pp, 32 plates, dj; together with other titles on Greek and Indian coins (48), by Hands, Macdonald, Wirgin, Cunningham, Newell, Le Rider, Florance, de Callataÿ, Head, Seltman, Whitehead, etc [53]. Publisher’s bindings


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