Ancient Coins and Numismatic Books (22 June 2011)

Date of Auction: 22nd June 2011

Sold for £65

Estimate: £90 - £120

Mattingly, H., Roman Coins, London, 1928, xix + 300pp, 64 plates; Reusch, W., Der Kölner Münzschatzfund vom jahre 1909, Leipzig, 1935, 32pp, 6 plates, stamp of the Ashmolean Museum, 1935, on first verso; Caló Levi, Annalina, Barbarians on Roman Imperial Coins and Sculpture, ANS NNM 123, New York, 1952, 55pp, 17 plates; Buttrey Jr, T.V., The Triumviral Portrait Gold of the Quattuorviri Monetales of 42 BC, ANS NNM 137, New York, 1956, x + 69pp, 9 plates; Eddy, S.K., The Minting of Antoniniani AD 238-249 and the Smyrna Hoard, ANS NNM 156, New York, 1967, vi + 133pp, 7 plates; Postel, R., Katalog der antiken münzen in der Hamburger Kunsthalle, 2 vols, Hamburg, 1976, 347pp, 130 plates; MacDowall, D.W., The Western Coinages of Nero, ANS NNM 161, New York, 1979, xvii + 256pp, 25 plates; together with other titles on Roman coins (69), by Hill, Butcher, Kent, Grant, Bernhart, Göbl, Cahn, Stevenson, Sydenham, Reece, Klawans, etc [76]. Publishers’ bindings £90-120


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