Ancient Coins and Numismatic Books (22 June 2011)

Date of Auction: 22nd June 2011

Sold for £75

Estimate: £40 - £60

Seager, R.B., A Cretan Coin Hoard, ANS NNM 23, New York, 1924, 55pp, 12 plates; Noe, S.P., A Bibliography of Greek Coin Hoards, ANS NNM 25, New York, 1925, 275pp; Rogers, E., The Second and Third Seleucid Coinage of Tyre, ANS NNM 34, New York, 1927, 33pp, 4 plates (2 copies); Cox, D.H., The Caparelli Hoard, ANS NNM 43, New York, 1930, 17pp, 2 plates; Hill, G.F., Notes on the Ancient Coinage of Hispania Citerior, ANS NNM 50, New York, 1931, 196pp, 36 plates; Weber, Shirley H., An Egyptian Hoard of the Second Century AD, ANS NNM 54, New York, 1932, 41pp, 3 plates; Bellinger, A.R., The Sixth, Seventh and Tenth Dura Hoards, ANS NNM 69, New York, 1935, 75pp, 5 plates; Waage, F.O., Greek Bronze Coins from a Well at Megara, ANS NNM 70, New York, 1935, 42pp, 3 plates; Crosby, Margaret, and Grace, Emily, An Achæan League Hoard, ANS NNM 74, New York, 1936, 44pp, 4 plates; Torrey, C.C., Aramaic Graffiti on Coins of Demanhur, ANS NNM 77, New York, 1937, 13pp, 2 plates [11]. Publishers’ paper covers; fine and clean £40-60