Ancient Coins (27 September 2011)

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Date of Auction: 27th September 2011

Sold for £92,000

Estimate: £10,000 - £12,000

Roman Imperial coins, Hadrian (117-138), Aureus, Rome c. 134-138, HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, draped bust left, rev. Nilus, naked to waist, reclining right, holding cornucopiae and reed; below in water, crocodile right; to right, hippopotamus right, two reeds hehind, 7.27g/6h (RIC 314; BMC 866 note; Kent-Hirmer 284 [this coin]; Calicó 1165; Cohen 863). Extremely fine with lustre £10,000-12,000


Provenance: E S R collection, Hess-Leu 23 March 1961, 173

The personification of the Nile recalls Hadrian’s voyage on the river in 130, where his favourite Antinous,was drowne