Orders, Decorations and Medals (28 June 2000)

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Date of Auction: 28th June 2000

Sold for £1,300

Estimate: £1,200 - £1,500

A rare Edward Medal awarded to Miss Hannah Hugill, who at the age of fifteen saved her mother from ‘severe and possibly fatal injury’ when being attacked by an infuriated bull

Edward Medal, E.VII.R., Industry Issue, in bronze (Hannah Hugill) with original fitted case of issue, heavily polished, therefore fine but extremely rare £1200-1500


Edward Medal London Gazette 11 September 1909 ‘Mrs Hugill, on going into a field at Court House Farm, Great Busby, with her daughter to bring in some cows, was attacked by an infuriated bull. She defended herself with a pitchfork, but was knocked down by the bull, which began to gore her. Her daughter, Hannah, aged 15 years, who had been left at the gate, about a hundred yards from the place where her mother was attacked, came to her aid, and, recovering the fork from under the bull, used it to divert the animals attention. The mother and daughter then succeeded in making good their escape from the field, though the mother was again attacked while crossing the fence. The girl’s action saved her mother from severe and, possibly, fatal injury.’

During the reign of Edward VII just two silver and five bronze medals (Industry) were awarded, this medal being unique to a female recipient.