Orders, Decorations and Medals (28 & 29 March 2012)

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Date of Auction: 28th & 29th March 2012

Sold for £120

Estimate: £80 - £100

Army Temperance Association Medals: India (9) A.T.A.I.1, silver-bronze; A.T.A.I.2, with silver scroll brooch bar; A.T.A.I.3, with ‘Excelsior’ bar; A.T.A.I.5/S.T.A.3, silver and enamel; A.T.A.I.7 (2); A.T.A.I.8, with silver scroll top bar; A.T.A.I.14, with ‘For Merit’ brooch bar; A.T.A.I.15/R.A.T.A.3 Victoria Commemorative Medal, most with ribbon, very fine and better (9) £80-100