Ancient, British and World Coins. Tokens, Tickets and Passes. Historical and Art Medals. British and World Paper Money. (8 September 2000)

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Date of Auction: 8th September 2000

Sold for £350

Estimate: £300 - £400

Republic, President Amet Bey Zogu, gold portrait 100-Franga Ar, 1926r (Rome) (KM 11.1). A little scuffed, extremely fine or better (£300-400)


Independence from the Ottoman Turks was gained by Albania in 1910 and confirmed by the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, despite objections from Greece, Yugoslavia and Italy. A national coinage, based on the Napoleonic Franc system of the Latin Monetary Union, was introduced by Amet Bey Zogu, who in the struggle of the early 1920s between conservative and reformist elements, had emerged supreme. The coins were struck at the Rome Mint from models supplied by the gifted Italian sculptor, Guiseppe Romagnoli. Many hark back to ancient art and the 100-Franga Ar, featuring a biga, is no exception. The classical theme should come as no surprise. Albania, as part of the Roman province of Illyria, flourished during the Empire, providing Rome with some of her best soldiers, as well as several emperors, such as Aurelian, Diocletian and Constantine the Great.
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