World Coins (1 October 2012)

Date of Auction: 1st October 2012

Sold for £30,000

Estimate: £15,000 - £20,000

China, Republic, Chang Tso-lin, Pattern Dollar, yr 15 [1926], bust facing in military uniform, rev. wreath and sun, 12h (Kann 685; KM. Pn79). Scuff in obverse field, otherwise about extremely fine, extremely rare £15,000-20,000


Slabbed in PCGS holder, graded SP 45.

Chang Tso-lin was a Manchurian warlord who extended his power south and eastwards from his homeland. He invaded China in 1924 and captured Peking in the spring of 1926. He declared himself Grand Marshal of the Republic of China and ruled as head of the country’s internationally recognised government from 1927 until he was ousted by the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek in May 1928. He was killed during his retreat to Manchuria when his train was bombed by the Japanese Guandong army on 4 June 1928