World Coins (1 October 2012)

Date of Auction: 1st October 2012

Sold for £34,000

Estimate: £40,000 - £60,000

Greenland, Christian VII, Piastre (Dollar), 1771 [struck in 1774], crowned shield, rev. two globes between crowned pillars, small crown above, islands below (Salvesen 51; Schou 6; KM. 638; Dav. 411). Practically as struck, extremely rare


Slabbed in NGC holder, graded MS 63.

The original striking in 1771 shows a large crown on the reverse. From an issue of 543 pieces struck at Copenhagen, it was estimated by Salvesen (1987) that only five coins survive. The 1774 issue, with a smaller crown, had a mintage of 44,900 pieces, of which 20 were known to Salvesen, 10 being in museums