Commemorative, Historical and Art Medals (6 December 2012)

Date of Auction: 6th December 2012

Sold for £150

Estimate: £150 - £200

Clubs and Societies, British Arts & Crafts, a silver award medal by W.J. Dingley, named (Photographic Painting, Thos. E. Wright, 1901), hallmarked Birmingham 1900, 40mm; Hereford County Council, Gardening Competition, a silver award medal, unsigned, named (R. Deem, Ashperton), 38mm; Northumberland Handicrafts Guild, a silver award medal, unsigned, named (Mrs Kyle), 50mm; Royal Sanitary Institution, a silver award medal, unsigned, named (Beacon Light…for a Petrol Gas Generator, Exeter, 1913), 51 x 40mm; St Bride Foundation Institution, silver award medals by J.A. Restall (2), named (W.C. Franklin 1924; Masson, D.E. 1937) hallmarked Birmingham 1923 and 1936 respectively, both 39mm; Scott & Oliver Trust, Selkirk, a silver award medal, named (Annie R. Tait 1925), 45mm; Selkirk Education Authority, Isabella Brown Medal for Needlework, a silver award, unsigned, named (Margaret T. Gibb, 1943), 44mm; Society of Dyers & Colourists, a silver award medal by Fattorini, named (Herbert Frederick Brassard, 1959), hallmarked Birmingham 1959, 50mm [9]. Very fine and better £150-200