Commemorative, Historical and Art Medals (6 December 2012)

Date of Auction: 6th December 2012

Sold for £150

Estimate: £100 - £150

Clubs and Societies, Electrical Contractors Association Incorporated, Gloucester Branch, a gold and enamel badge by Vaughton, named (Richard A. Parsons, Hon. Secretary 1906-1936), hallmarked Birmingham 1935, 27mm, 9ct, 6.12g; Institute of British Foundrymen, a silver medal by Vaughton to commemorate John Surtees, hallmarked Birmingham 1925, 38mm; a silver-gilt and enamel President's badge by Fattorini, named (Dr A.B. Everest, 1937-8), hallmarked Birmingham, 36 x 30mm; other silver badges (9, six enamelled), viz. Liverpool Telegraph Messenger Institute, Stanley Cup, named (G.E. Grice, 1928-29), 36 x 30mm; Manchester, Salford & District Society of Associated Pawnbrokers, named (G.W. Wilson, 1946), 32mm; National Association of British & Irish Millers, by A. Clark Co, named (W.J. Taylor), hallmarked Birmingham 1923, 24mm; National Association of Furniture Warehousemen & Removers, by A. Clark Co, named (R.J. Armstrong, 1924), 47 x 38mm; National Master Farriers and Blacksmiths Association, by Fattorini, named (J.P. Print RSS, 1931), hallmarked Birmingham 1930, 37 x 28mm; Retail Newsagents, Booksellers & Stationers Association, by Turner & Simpson, named (R.K. Holburn, 1948), 40 x 30mm; Shrewsbury Butchers Association, named (E. France, 1933), 45 x 32mm; Society of Licensed Victuallers, by Vaughton (2), both named (T. Wright, 1928-29; T. Wright, 1947-48), hallmarked Birmingham 1922 and 1948 respectively, 32 and 25mm [12]. Very fine to extremely fine £100-150


The first item is of especial numismatic interest by association, as Richard Arthur Parsons was the father of Owen Frederick Parsons (1911-86), a considerable collector of coins and historical medals and honorary curator of the Archbishop Sharp collection. The Parsons family ironmongery and electrical business served Gloucester from the 1880s until going into voluntary liquidation in 1981