Commemorative, Historical and Art Medals (6 December 2012)

Date of Auction: 6th December 2012

Sold for £100

Estimate: £100 - £150

Great Britain, Gwyllym Wardle, 1809, a copper medal by P. Wyon for J. Bisset, draped bust three-quarters right, rev. legend, 52mm (BHM 667); Benjamin West, 1815, a copper medal by G. Mills, 41mm (BHM 865); Death of George Canning, 1827, a copper medal by A. Galle, 51mm (BDM II, 197); Sir Walter Scott, 1827, a copper medal by A.J. Stothard, 62mm (BHM 1312); Death of the Earl of Bridgewater, 1829, a copper medal by Donadio, 41mm (BHM 1340; E 1209); Tercentenary of the First English Bible, 1835, a copper medal by J. Davis, 44mm (BHM 1691; E 1283) [6]. Very fine £100-150