British Coins (16 & 17 September 2014)

Date of Auction: 16th & 17th September 2014

Sold for £14,000

Estimate: £6,000 - £8,000

David I of Scotland (1124-1153), Penny, Quadrilateral on Cross Fleury type, Erebald, bust three-quarters right with sceptre, david [—], rev. [ereb]ald : on : [ca]rd, 1.33g/5h (EMC 2004.0235; Mattinson and Cherry, BNJ 2013, p.103, fig. 3, this coin; BNJ Coin Register 2004, 353; cf. N 910; cf. S 5001). Slightly bent and with a small edge crack, otherwise nearly very fine and excessively rare, arguably the best of seven known specimens £6,000-8,000


Provenance: Found in South Cumbria; bt M. Finlay May 2003

The present coin is a variant of North 910 which is described, in line with other references, as imitating the reverse of Henry I type XV, while having a left-facing profile on the obverse (
cf. Stewart pl I, 6). However, the present specimen depicts a facing bust three-quarters right with a sceptre over the left shoulder, much closer in type to the English original and possibly representing the first coin struck in the name of a Scottish king. EMC lists two other coins of this type, a further two examples are in the British Museum and one was also in the Michael Anderson collection, as well as a cut halfpenny