British Tokens (1 October 2014)

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Date of Auction: 1st October 2014

Sold for £230

Estimate: £100 - £150

Akerman, J.Y., Tokens Issued by Wiltshire Tradesmen, London, 1846, pp.97-115, 1 engraved plate (Manville 342); Akerman, J.Y., Examples of Coffee House, Tavern and Tradesmen’s Tokens current in London…, London, 1847, 17pp, 3 engraved plates (Manville 352); Franks, A.W., London Tokens of the Seventeenth Century, London, 1862, 23pp (Manville 421), signed from the author to G.C. Williamson, 30 August 1885; Hodgkin, J.E., London Tokens of the Seventeenth Century [not in or corrections to Boyne], London, 1885, pp.276-326; Lowe-Warren, J., Sussex Tokens, 1st edn, London, 1888, 30pp (Manville 538), signed by the author to M. Andrews; Wilton, J.P., Gloucester Tokens of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Gloucester, 1889, 16pp, engraved illustrations in text, signed by the author (Manville –); Williamson, G.C., Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century…special copy of Southwark Part, London, 1890, pp.1000-60; Dack, C., Coins, Medals and Local Tradesmen’s Tokens of the XVII, XVIII & XIXth Centuries in the Peterborough Museum, Peterborough, 1908, 44pp (Manville 677); Savage, E.A., Catalogue of the Pridmore Collection of Coventry Tradesmen’s Tokens…, Coventry, 1915, 16pp, 1 plate (Manville –); Kempson, E.G.H., Wiltshire XVII Century Tokens, 1st edn (2 copies), 2nd edn (2 copies), all Salisbury, 1978, 28+pp (Manville 1392); together with other references on 17th century tokens (34), by Kempson (several), Thompson (several), Berry, Merson, Whittet, West, Milne, Wetton, Jacob, Gilbert, Watkin, etc, some photocopies [47]. Mostly in publishers’ bindings; varied state, a useful lot £100-150


Provenance: Ex libris David Griffiths, additionally: Akerman 1847 ex libris T.J. Pettigrew and Robert J. Hudson, Pittsburgh; Franks ex libris George Williamson