British Tokens (1 October 2014)

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Date of Auction: 1st October 2014

Sold for £120

Estimate: £100 - £150

Acts of Parliament and Bills (11), viz. To Extend the Provisions of an Act…for preventing the counterfeiting of certain Silver Coin…to Silver Coin which may be issued by the…Bank of Ireland, 30 April 1805; To prevent the issuing and circulating of…Tokens, except such as are issued by the Banks of England and Ireland…, 7 May 1812, and further amendments dated 1 July 1812, 9 July 1812, 16 June 1813 and 10 July 1813; Copper Coin…Memorial of the Wholesale and Retail Traders…in London and its Vicinity, 18 October 1813; To prevent the issuing and circulating of Pieces of Copper…usually called Tokens, 15 May 1816, and further amendments dated 25 April 1817 and 14 May 1817; To prevent the further Circulation of Dollars and Tokens, issued by the…Bank of England…1 July 1817; together with a handwritten petition to the House of Commons from merchants relating to the dire state of the copper coinage, nd [c. 1780] [Lot]. All fine and clean, an interesting group, the last in an extremely neat hand £100-150


Provenance: Ex libris David Griffiths