Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria to include a Fine Collection of Napoleonic Medals (25 March 2015)

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Date of Auction: 25th March 2015

Sold for £220

Estimate: £180 - £220

Pair: Trooper A. Torrance, ‘C’ Squadron 7th Royal Tank Regiment

Korea 1950-53, 2nd issue (410524 Tpr., R. Tks.); U.N. Korea 1950-54, unnamed, the latter in (damaged) named card box of issue, extremely fine (2) £180-220


Trooper Torrance was an experienced reservist having served in the ‘Dragoons’ in W.W.2 and would have additional medals. He was recalled to duty with ‘C’ Squadron 7th Royal Tank Regiment and was amongst the first batch of men of unit to arrive in Korea.His Korean pair were sent to 53, Chatsworth Crescent, Scawthorpe, Doncaster. With original forwarding slip for his Korea medals bearing his name and the above address.

In addition to the Centurions of the 8th Hussars, ‘C’ Squadron 7th Royal Tank Regiment was the first British armoured unit to enter the Korean War as part of 29 Independent Infantry Brigade. They were ordered to mobilize on 29 July 1950, sailed on the
Empire Fowey on 12 October 1950 arriving in Pusan on 15 November. The Squadron comprised four troops each of four Churchill Crocodile tanks but not in the flame-throwing role. The Squadron advanced north past Pyongyang and then moved back behind the Imjin River together with the rest of the Allied Army. Their first battle was in support of a counter attack by the Royal Ulster Rifles where the tanks known as ‘Cooper Force’ had ‘A good shoot’. During the Battle of ‘Happy Valley’, January 1951, ‘Cooper Force’ supported the R.U.R. successfully during the day, but that night were ambushed and ‘Wiped out by hordes of Chinese who ran to the tank sides to knock them out with their primitive charges.’ On 16 February ‘C’ Squadron advanced to the Imjin River and 7 Troop of ‘C’ Squadron commanded by Lieutenant R. J. Shakleton supported the infantry in the final and successful assault on Hill 327 later known as ‘Gloster Hill’. For the River Imjin Battle in April, ‘C’ Squadron R.T.R. was deployed in a counter attack role behind 29 Brigade and was thus the only Royal Tank Regiment unit to take part in the Battle.