Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (24 & 25 February 2016)

Date of Auction: 24th & 25th February 2016

Sold for £3,200

Estimate: £2,600 - £3,000

Three: Private Patrick Moran, 13th Prince Albert’s Somerset Light Infantry

Ghuznee 1839 (Pt. Patk. Moran XIII P.A.L.I.) fitted with replacement silver bar suspension; Defence of Jellalabad 1842, Mural Crown (Pt. Patk. Moran XIII P.A.L.I.) fitted with replacement silver bar suspension; Cabul 1842 (Pt. Patk. Moran XIII P.A.L.I.) fitted with replacement silver clip and suspension, all three correctly impressed in the regimental style, edge bruising and contact marks, otherwise nearly very fine (3) £2600-3000


Patrick Moran was born in 1807 in the Parish of Kilmena, County Mayo, and attested for the 13th Foot at Castlebar on 9 August 1825, a Weaver by trade. He accompanied the regiment to India in July 1826 and, according to his statement of service, served in ‘East India from 26 July 1826 to 26 March 1845. With the Army of the Indus in the Afghanistan campaigns in the years 1838, 39, 40, 41 & 42. Was present at the Storming of Ghuznee in July 1839, and the Forts of Tootum Durrah and Joolghur in the Khoistan 1840; present at the several engagements in Forcing the passes from Cabul to Jellalabad in 1841, and in defence of the latter fortress in 1841 & 42; present in the General Action of Jellalabad 7th April 1842, Jugdulluck 8th Septr., Tazeen 13th September, and Recapture of Cabool 15th September 1842. Is in possession of 3 Medals, Viz., for the Storming of Ghuznee, General Action of Jellabad & Recapture of Cabool.’

Moran next saw active service in the Scinde, where in July 1844 he contracted remittant fever, which so weakened him that he was invalided back to England. There, in consequence of ‘muscular weakenings, hepatitis, an enlarged spleen and general impairment of the tone of his system’, he was discharged as unfit for further military service. Sold with copied discharge papers.