Orders, Decorations and Medals (7 April 1994)

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Date of Auction: 7th April 1994

Sold for £2,200

Estimate: £1,200 - £1,500

A rare 1920 Somaliland Operations M.C. pair awarded to Lieutenant G. Godfrey, 6th King's African Rifles

MILITARY CROSS, G.V.R.; AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE 1902-56, 1 clasp, Somaliland 1920, with M.I.D. oak leaf emblem (Lieut., 6-K.A. Rif) mounted for wearing, edge knock to the last but generally very fine and better (2)


M.C., London Gazette, 29 November, 1920. 'In recognition of distinguished services rendered in connection with Military Operations in Somaliland.'

M.I.D., London Gazette, 29 November, 1920; An award for the attack on Baran Fort between 22/23 January 1920. After several failed attempts to capture this well-defended stronghold by means of mortar and infantry attack, Colonel Wilkinson, the CO., agreed to an attempt by Lieutenant Godfrey to blow up one of the fort's towers with gun cotton. At 745pm, under covering machine-gun fire and in company with C.Q.M. Sergeant Wood and four native troops, Godfrey crept up to the eastern tower and succeeded in detonating a lOOlb charge. The results of his endeavours were not known until the following day when another patrol entered the near-deserted fort the following day its condition was filthy, littered with dead animals and bodies. Quite how many of the latter Godfrey accounted for will never be known, it being ascertained from a prisoner that smallpox had broken out among the enemy some days earlier. Sold with further details.