Orders, Decorations and Medals (7 April 1994)

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Date of Auction: 7th April 1994

Sold for £1,700

Estimate: £1,400 - £1,600

A rare Burma Gallantry Medal awarded posthumously to Lance-Naik Aung Thein, The Burma Rifles

BURMA GALLANTRY MEDAL, G.VI.R. (7907 Lance Naik Aung Thein, The Burma Rifles) very fine


B.G.M., London Gazette, 19 July, 1945: The following citation was extracted from official sources: '7907 Aung Thein, 2 Burma Rifles. He served from August 1942 until September 1942 when he was lost in action on BHOPI VUM. He underwent long periods of hardship living in close proximity to the enemy, in constant danger and without respite, often short of rations and doing long marches in difficult enemy occupied country with heavy loads. In spite of all this he was always cheerful and showed much courage and initiative in every emergency. He contributed much to the success that has been achieved in providing intelligence regarding enemy movements and dispositions.