Ancient, British and World Coins, Tokens and Banknotes (1 June 1994)

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Date of Auction: 1st June 1994

Sold for £35

Estimate: £20 - £40

Birmingham, Ralph Heaton & Sons, bronze advertising tickets (4), 31mm and 25mm (3), arms, THE MINT BIRMINGHAM, reverses RALPH HEATON & SONS COINERS, etc. (Hawkins, pl. 16, no. 4). About extremely fine and better, some with original colour (4)


Ralph Heaton & Son (later Sons) came into being in 1848, the same year that the Soho Mint closed down. In the 1850 auction the firm acquired some of the stock of coining presses at Soho and, with them, executed the first Heaton coinages, for Chile in 1851, and Venezuela in 1852. Over the next decade Heatons struck a wide variety of coins, medals and tickets. The above four pieces, with sizes approximating to English bronze pennies and halfpence, were struck at Heatons Icknield Street works some time after 1864, when the firm began to style itself in advertisements as being coiners to English and foreign governments