Ancient, British and World Coins, Historical Medals, Tokens and Banknotes (27 March 1996)

Date of Auction: 27th March 1996

Sold for £360

Estimate: £350 - £450

William II (1087-1100), Penny, Cross Fleury and Piles type, Canterbury, Ælfred, IELIE[-]D ON [-]NTI, 1.23gm (SCBI Mack 1493, this coin; Harris, SCMB 1983, p.150; N. 856; S. 1262, this coin illustrated). Edge chipped in two places, some weakness in striking, otherwise fine and toned, extremely rare (£350-450)


Ex Mack [from Spink, 1921], and SNC Nov. 1984 (7450), May 1987 (2981).

Mack’s tentative attribution of this coin to Winchester, which he himself doubted (
Sylloge, p.xiii) is without foundation; from what remains of the reverse legend it seems more plausible to attribute the coin to the moneyer Ælfred at Canterbury, known from at least two other coins in this type (BNJ 1910, p.9, and Thomas Bliss Sale, 1916, lot 161)