The Collection of Medals formed by Dr A W Stott (25 March 1997)

Date of Auction: 25th March 1997

Sold for £180

Estimate: £350 - £450

Crimea 1854-55, 4 clasps, Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol (Lt. & Adjt. F. Padfield, 20th Ft.) contemporary engraved naming, contact marks and edge bruising, otherwise very fine


Francis Padfield served 17 years in the ranks, rising to Sergeant-Major, and received the L.S. & G.C. medal. He was appointed Ensign, 7 April 1848; Adjutant, in Canada, 22 December 1848; Lieutenant, 6 June 1854; Captain, 21 September 1855; and Major, 17 May 1864. He was severely wounded at the Battle of Inkermann, 5 November 1855, and again severely wounded by a musket ball through the thigh at the Assault on the Quarries on 7 June 1855. He was the regiments only casualty at the Assault on the Quarries where he was in fact present as a ‘spectator’. He served in the Crimea from 14 September 1854 until 3 July 1855, when he returned home severely wounded and retired from the service in consequence of his wounds.