The Collection of Medals formed by Dr A W Stott (25 March 1997)

Date of Auction: 25th March 1997

Sold for £290

Estimate: £180 - £220

Indian Mutiny 1857-58, 1 clasp, Lucknow (E. Halliday, 1st Bn. 20th Regt.) nearly extremely fine


Edward Halliday was killed in action at Lucknow on the 14th March 1858, one of 8 men of the regiment killed at the storming and capture of Lucknow. The total losses of the regiment during the Indian Mutiny amounted to 15 killed and 1 died of wounds. At the siege of Lucknow, the20th were in the trenches on the outskirts of the town from 9th-13th March. As part of General Frank’s Division, the 20th were detailed to attack the Kaisar Bagh which they successfully captured and advanced to a large, square, loopholed building called the ‘engine house’. The building was surrounded by the two leading companies of the 20th and, split into two groups under Major Radcliffe and Captain Francis, they entered the buildings. The rebels were driven before these two parties and close hand to hand fighting took place in the central part of the building, all the rebels being shot or bayonetted, three hundred in all being killed.