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Date of Auction: 19th June 2002


Estimate: £3,000 - £4,000

Round Halfpenny, Winchester, Ailwine, facing uncrowned bust with hair made up of seven stylised ringlets, orbed cross at start of legend, henric rex, rev. ailpine on pi, cross potent with group of pellets in each angle, 0.47g/6h (Spencer, The Searcher, March 2002, pp.41-3, this coin; N 872; S 1277). Fine and clear, the only round Halfpenny of this mint in private hands and only the 12th round Halfpenny known (£3,000-4,000)


Found near Marlborough, Wiltshire, October 2001.

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Round halfpence of Henry I were unknown until just over 50 years ago, when Peter Seaby exhibited a coin of Winchester by the moneyer Godwine A at the British Numismatic Society on 1 March 1950 (North pl.16, 36 and Spink
Standard Catalogue, p.135, coin now in the Fitzwilliam Museum). In 1989 four more halfpence were found: Hereford, moneyer Ailred (now in British Museum) and Sandwich, Æthelbold, rev. struck from a type IX Penny die (Fitzwilliam Museum), both in spoil from Thames Exchange; Norwich(?), Thot, found in Norfolk (Fitzwilliam Museum), and York, Othbeorn, found near Newbury. Other coins discovered since include specimens of Oxford, Ægelnoth, Wallingford, Osulf, and Wilton, Ailward (all in Fitzwilliam Museum); another Sandwich, Æthelbold, but regular type, found at Little Mongeham, Kent, in September 1992; and a coin of Winchester, moneyer Wimund, offered at Baldwin’s Auction 7, 2 May 1996, lot 517 and now also in the Fitzwilliam Museum. In sum, 8 of the now 12 known round halfpence of Henry I are in institutions. Sold with a copy of the article from The Searcher