A Distinguished Collection of Roman Bronze Coins, the Property of a Gentleman (15 February 2017)

Date of Auction: 15th February 2017

Sold for £500

Estimate: £200 - £300

Roman Imperial Coinage, Divus Augustus, As, Rome, c. 22-30, radiate bust of Augustus left, divvs avgvstvs pater, rev. altar-enclosure with double-panelled door, large s c in field, provident in exergue, 11.46g (RIC Tiberius 81; BMC 146; C 228; Sear 1789). Better than very fine, dark patina £200-300


Provenance: Bt Spink July 1935.

The Ara Providentiæ Augusti was an altar in the via Lata dedicated soon after the consecration of Augustus in 14