A Distinguished Collection of Roman Bronze Coins, the Property of a Gentleman (15 February 2017)

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Date of Auction: 15th February 2017

Sold for £7,000

Estimate: £3,000 - £4,000

Roman Imperial Coinage, Galba, Sestertius, Rome, October 68, bust right wearing oak-wreath, imp ser galba avg tr p, rev. Victory advancing right, holding palm branch and spear, s c in field, 27.52g (RIC 251; BMC 102; C 251). Minimal verdigris on reverse, otherwise about extremely fine, dark patina, very rare £3,000-4,000


Provenance: G. Gallet Collection, Jules Florange/Louis Ciani Auction 73 (Paris), 28 May 1924, lot 47; E.G. Spencer-Churchill Collection, Ars Classica Auction XVI (Lucerne), 3 July 1933, lot 1605; bt Spink May 1938